Complete Summary
Summary last updated: 2023-02-25


  • Added: Dark Mode
  • Added: French translation - Thanks to Furamona
  • Fixed 1 bug
  • Supporters (credit tier): Be the first


  • Made Kleki open source as "Klecks"
    • Klecks integrated in at least one new community
  • Added: multi-language support
    • Chinese (simplified) - Thanks to Rachel Wang
    • Chinese (traditional) - Thanks to satopian & minchao
    • German
    • Japanese - Thanks to satopian
  • New video tutorial: Kleki - Introduction Tutorial (2022)
  • Added: new brushes
    • Smudge brush
    • Chemy brush (from Webchemy)
  • Reworked Blend brush
    • Higher quality - dithering pattern gone in Chrome
    • Faster Undo
  • Added: gradient tool
  • Increased maximum layers to 16
  • Increased maximum Undo steps to 20
  • Added: thumbnail & age indicator for Browser Storage
  • Improved pixel accuracy across application for pixel art
    • Pixel accurate preview
    • Pixel accurate transformation dialog
    • Pixel accurate Shape Tool
  • Transform dialog overhauled
  • Added: new operations in Edit tab
    • Grid
    • Distort
    • Noise
    • Pattern
    • Vanishing Point
  • Added: Manual input for sliders (double-click)
  • Added: clear button and name suggestions in rename layer dialog
  • Various Usability improvements
    • Added: vertical scrolling of tools and dialogs on very small screens
  • Added: settings tab
  • Improved Save Reminder: allows to save as PSD and store to Browser Storage
    • Default language, and UI preference
  • Optimized image assets
  • Fixed 61 bugs
    • Firefox now has pressure sensitivity
    • iPad text zoom no longer breaking layout
  • Supporters (credit tier): Anonymous, Tomas Glasberger, Jennifer Christenson, satopian, Chris Ritchie, Suzanna Lasker (2x), A Jones, Michał Bednarczyk


  • Added: Shape Tool
  • Switched from JavaScript to TypeScript + Parcel
  • Kleki integrated on and one other site
  • Switched to Netlify for hosting
  • UI adjustments
    • Replacing PNG icons with SVG icons
    • Blue tint if Lock Alpha is on
  • Removed upload to drive (outdated API)
  • Optimize loading (lazy load certain functionality)
  • Added: To Clipboard button
  • Added: import image by pasting url
  • Fixed 16 bugs


  • Big overhaul of canvas
    • Added: proper multi-touch support
    • Canvas rendered into one HTMLCanvasElement instead each layer being a separate DOM element
    • Added: zoom shortcut by holding Z, and other shortcuts
  • Added: layer blend modes
  • Added: stabilizer
  • Added: Paint Bucket
  • Added: Text Tool
  • Added: Pixel brush
  • Improved PSD support
    • Can import layers
    • Can export as PSD
  • Added: Save As Layers
  • Added: Hide UI button for small screens
  • Added: secondary color
  • Added: swap UI left/right
  • Separated Help page and other non-app pages from the app
  • Added: brushsize and opacity to HUD controls
  • Added: drop regions for faster image import
  • Added: share button
  • Added: fill option in Crop/Extend dialog
  • Added: Edit > To Alpha
  • Added: cropping to image import
  • Added: algorithm options to resize dialog
  • New Image can be undone
  • Pen Pressure adjusts to Apple Pencil
  • UI adjustments
    • Added: color accents
  • Changed how Kleki updates are released so users with long sessions don't experience problems
  • Added: sliders getting more finegrained when moving pointer vertically away from the slider
  • Added: manual color input (hex code, rgb)
  • Added: Hand Tool tab
  • Fixed 54 bugs
Kleki relies on you. Contribute


  • Switched from using LocalStorage to IndexedDB for Browser Storage
  • Pen pressure now via PointerEvents
  • Added: square brush alpha
  • Switched Kleki from http to https
  • Started using gzip and proper caching
  • Started using git for development
  • Added: rename layer
  • Higher input frequency via getCoalescedEvents
  • Improvements to brush feel and performance
  • Added: cropping in clipboard dialog
  • Added: keyboard shortcuts for brush and eraser
  • Canvas no longer recenters every time the window gets resize
  • Added: double tap gesture to center canvas
  • Removing workaround for saving image as more browsers support it
  • Added: reminder to save shows up after 15 minutes
  • Added: "as-alpha" to merge layers dialog (which became Edit > To Alpha)
  • Added: ratio in new image dialog
  • Improved usability of Crop/Extend dialog
  • Fixed 25 bugs


  • Added: copy & paste from clipboard
  • Added: clear storage
  • Added: fine grained zoom via Shift key
  • Added: shortcuts for flood fill layer and clear layer
  • Slight UI update
  • Usability improvements
    • Removed unneccesary confirmation dialogs
    • Dialogs can be closed by pressing outside of them
  • Fixed 4 bugs


  • Removed unneccesary event tracking


  • Fixed 1 bug


  • Fixed 2 bugs
screenshot of kleki
Kleki by the end of 2013


  • Added: rotatable canvas (no multi-touch though)
  • Added: image export workaround for certain browsers (a custom dialog)
  • Added: upload to Google Drive, etc.
  • Removed and added back Imgur upload
  • Added: color circle while eyedropping
  • Added: more brush alphas for default brush
  • Added: HUD color selection
  • Added: relative dragging to sliders
  • Added: large layer preview when hovering thumbnail
  • Revised layers tab
  • Added: lock alpha to default brush
  • Added: mix modes in merge layer dialog
  • Added: Edit > Curves
  • Various UI revisions
    • Added: X buttons to dialogs
    • Added: button icons
  • Added: help button
  • Made UI more responsive for less tall windows
  • Fixed: 17 bugs


  • Added: Undo/Redo (14 steps)
  • Added: brushsize preview
  • Added: Chalk brush alpha for Smpl brush
  • Added: constrain proportions to resize
  • Added: checkerboard background in preview to represent transparency
  • Added: UI animations
  • Added: IE9 support
  • Added: simple mobile version (one brush and one layer)
  • Added: PSD import (as 1 layer)
  • Lots of UI adjustments
  • Make keyboard shortcuts work across browsers
  • Revised transform to be proper Free Transform
  • Added: transform tool in Import As Layer
  • Switched smooth brush alpha to use gradient instead of an image
  • Improved feel and performance of brushes
    • Bezier interpolation
    • Smoother blending
  • Added: straight lines via Shift key
  • Improved quality of resize
  • Added: rule of thirds to Crop/Extend
  • Updated to latest Wacom Plugin (2.x)
  • Android tablet support
  • Added: pressure sensitivity toggles
  • Removed: Intro Popup
  • Added: Web Intents support
  • Added: send feedback
  • Fixed: 16 bugs
screenshot of kleki
Kleki by the end of 2011


  • Added: brush cursor
  • Added: filters:
    • contrast
    • mirror
    • invert
    • extend / crop
    • hue/saturation
    • triangle blur
    • tilt shift
    • unsharp mask
  • Added: touch support for iPad
  • Added: drag & drop image import
  • Added: WebGL filters via glfx.js
  • Added: previews in dialogs
  • Added: layers can be dragged by pointer
  • Added: Imgur upload
  • Added: shortcuts for eyedropper and hand tool
  • Fixed: 19 bugs


  • Initial release
  • Renamed from PaintCraft to Kleki
  • Added: 4 brushes: Smpl, Smooth, Sketchy, Eraser
  • Added: basic layers
  • Added: very basic editing features: B/W, Move, Resize, Quick blur
  • Added: canvas zoom and hand tool
  • Added: pen pressure support via Wacom browser plugin
  • Added: Local Storage
screenshot of kleki
Kleki by the end of 2010
screenshot of kleki
Initial prototype called PaintCraft from 2010