Kleki has been a free painting tool since 2010, with no costs, no ads, and requiring no account. This will continue with gusto! Bitbof intends to provide a respectful, and enjoyable art software that is accessible anytime, and anywhere. After all these decades that we've had computers, this really should be possible. It is cheap to host a site like this, and once software is written it can remain usable for quite some time. Most resource intensive is developing new functionality and iterating on existing features. Kleki has done a lot of that (changelog), and wants to improve a great deal more. Second most resource demanding is battling entropy, aka performing maintenance. Browser technology and devices change, and with that, functionality may break or old workflows can become obsolete. Periodic testing needs to be carried out on a wide variety of devices, bugs fixed, and functionality rewritten / adapted. Donations help with solving Kleki's resource needs, and make a tangible difference in ways that any artist, big or small, visiting this site will notice.

Donations in November: 1
Donations in October: 1

Donations go towards

- Hosting
- Development
- Testing (on various platforms)
    - For bugs
    - For UX problems
- Art (made with Kleki)
    - Guide development and serve as inspiration
    - Tutorials
- Prototyping and research
- Implementing new features
- Fixing bugs
- Improving documentation & teaching material
- Creating an API