I put Kleki online in 2010, since then I've updated it xxx times. It's free and has no ads so you can create without hurdle or intrusion. I want to continue this, especially since a lot of people seem to find this tool useful. Donate to support further improvements to Kleki but also to help pay for its hosting which is currently around $25 / month. Together we can make a tangible difference in ways that any artist, big or small, will notice.

- bitbof

Monthly goal: 4 donations

Donations go towards

- Hosting (📈 ~400 GB monthly bandwidth)
- Development
- Testing (on various platforms)
    - For bugs
    - For UX problems
- Art (made with Kleki)
    - Guide development and serve as inspiration
    - Tutorials
- Prototyping and research
- Implementing new features
- Optimizing load times and performance
- Fixing bugs
- Improving documentation & teaching material
- Reporting issues to browser developers