About Kleki 🔊

Author: bitbof (Dresden, Germany)

I like to paint and code, that's basically why I'm creating this tool. The goal is to have a good painting tool (optimized for pen users) for the browser that works almost anywhere.

Privacy Policy

Additional Credits: glfx.js for filters, Harmony inspired the Sketchy-Brush, FileSaver.js for saving files, ag-psd for PSD import/export.

Social Kleki drawing

If you want to use Kleki in a community and share drawings you can use 2draw.net. Kleki is one of the available tools there.

To Explore

- Auto save, prevent data loss
- Create tickets for bugs related to Chrome/Firefox/Safari
- Selection tool
- Better transform (not in a dialog)
- Better text tool (not in a dialog, usable on tablets, more fonts & typography controls)
- WebGL based rendering & brush engine (maybe via Lascaux Sketch)
- Better brush engine (textures, blur, scatter, real opacity)
- Crazy morph brushes
- Selective color adjustment
- Support for OpenRaster (open alternative to PSD)
- More flexible UI
- More layers
- Symmetry tool
- Clipping layers & layer masks
- Optimize through WebAssembly
- Utilize Native File System API
- Localization
- Line constraint tools
- Enable scripting (e.g. via Tampermonkey / Greasemonkey)
- Open source (GPLv3 vs MIT vs ?)
- Customizable UI
- Dark theme
- Optimize for VR
- Optimize for brain interfaces
- Optimize for collaboration
- Webchemy brushes
- Color palettes
- Pressure curve settings
- Pan and zoom in previews
- Expand team
- Something missing? Contact me with ideas.