Kleki 🔊 is made by bitbof (Dresden, Germany).

I like to paint and code, that's basically why I'm creating this tool. The goal is to have a good painting tool (optimized for pen users) for the browser that works almost anywhere. The main impediment to achieving this goal is browser technology (insufficient stylus support, too low resolution inputs, input/rendering lag, input glitches).

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Additional Credits: glfx.js for filters, Harmony inspired the Sketchy-Brush, FileSaver.js for saving files, psd.js for PSD import.

To be explored

Better line quality, selection tool, better transform (not in a dialog), better text tool (not in a dialog), shape tools, WebGL based rendering & brush engine, autosaving, saving all layers (ora), more flexible UI, more layers, pixel brush (for pixel art), symmetry tool, clipping layers & layer masks, optimization through WebAssembly, utilizing Native File System API, localization, line contraint tools, creating an API, making codebase open source, customizable ui, dark theme etc.