Changelog  2021-06-16

- Fixed: Transform translate leading to blurry image (in Chrome)  2021-04-21

- Fixed: transform in Import as Layer dialog glitching when using keys  2021-04-06

- Copy To Clipboard dialog more intuitive
- Added: File > To Clipboard
- Added: paste image urls (if host allows CORS)
- Added: paste color hex codes -> picks that color  2021-03-13

- Fixed: Transform translate leading to blurry image (in Chrome)  2021-02-24

- Fixed: input ignored with iPadOS 14 "scribble" enabled  2021-02-13

- Fixed: Color Picker slightly changing colors (#bada55 becoming #bad9ss)
- Layer named after imported image
- Highlighting "Lock Alpha" if turned on
- Fixed: Save reminder staying too long
- Slight UI adjustments  2021-02-12

- Shape tool uses "stroke" by default
- Changed shape tool UI a bit
- Changing title to prevent page reloads (losing drawing) when switching tabs
- Save reminder less strong
- Fixed: status overlay not centered when UI collapsed and on left  2021-01-18

- Adjusted some styling
- Removed Upload to Drive, ... (outdated API)
- Optimized loading (lazy loading PSD library)  2021-01-15

- Replaced most icons with SVGs
- Fixed some styling on iPad

0.4.15  2021-01-10

- Added: Shape tool (Shortcut: U)
     - Shapes: rectangle, ellipse, line
     - Modes: fill, stroke
     - Options: eraser, outwards, 1:1, 45° snapping
- Switching tool automatically opens tool tab
- Some slight UI styling updates  2021-01-03

- Added Shortcuts:
     - Store to Browser Storage (Ctrl + Shift + S)
     - Reset rotation (R + Up)  2020-12-30

- Added dithering to Pixel brush
- Changed default sampling for Paint Bucket
- Paint Bucket grow parameter now a dropdown  2020-12-27

- Improved line quality when using stylus
- Fixed: can't draw dots with stylus
- Slight dialog style update  2020-12-19

- Improved quality of size 1 Pixel brush  2020-12-18

- Added more presets to New Image
- Added remembers left/right UI
- Fixed: getting stuck on import overlay
- Slightly re-adjusted blending
- Slightly adjusted Eraser behavior
- Set minimal brush opacity to 1
- Reminder to save gets stronger over time  2020-12-13

- Renamed Default brush to Pen
- Pen alphas given names (circle, chalk, calligraphy, square)
- Updated Pen alpha calligraphy
- Improved rendering quality of brushes at small sizes (Pen, Blend)
     at the cost of slower Undo
- Fixed: Pen brush tainted color with certain alphas
- Fixed: beginning of Pen brush line sometimes changing on Undo
- Slightly adjusted Blend brush behavior
- Saves image on selecting different file type
- Optimize loading of website

0.4.14  2020-12-08

- Added PSD export
- Improved PSD import
     - Basic import as multiple layers (with many limitations)
     - Support for larger files than before
- Fixed: Hand Tool tab doesn't always update  2020-11-30

- Added option to save each layer as image
     (won't work on iPad)
- Fixed color picker when opening page in small window  2020-10-28

- Improved Color Picker rendering quality and accuracy
- Added keyboard shortcuts:
     - Home -> Fit Into View
     - End -> Reset View

0.4.13  2020-10-27

- Added Pixel Brush
- Added "lock alpha" to Blend Brush
- Changed: double tap on canvas now triggers Fit Into View
     (instead of Reset View)
- Increased maximum zoom level  2020-10-11

- Decreased initial tolerance of Paint Bucket
- Fixed rotation center is off when UI on left side  2020-09-23

- Fix attempt #2 for older browsers (Safari on iOS 12) using touch  2020-09-22

- Fixed issues with Tool Dropdown for older browsers when using touch
- Added minutes as base36 to filename

0.4.12  2020-09-20

- Added Text Tool
     - Shortcut: T
- Added secondary color
     - Shortcut: X to swap primary/secondary color
- Added button to switch UI left/right
- Tools can be collapsed on tablets in portrait mode
- Added: Crop tool in Import dialog
- Fixed Paint Bucket filling wrong pixel when zoomed in
- Added: Scrolling while hovering Stabilizer changes value
- Removed unnecessary preview dialog for Invert
- Slight UI revision  2020-09-17

- Fixed in Safari: dragging brush button triggers import  2020-09-06

- Added shortcut: Backspace to clear layer
- Added even greater Stabilizer strengths
- Reverted touch always having full pressure
- Improved usability of tool dropdown for non-mouse input  2020-09-04

- Fixed some touch input doesn't have full pressure  2020-09-02

- Fixed in Firefox 79+ on Android: multi-touch not working  2020-08-27

- Fixed Brightness/Contrast not working
- Fixed dialog size of some dialogs on small screens
- Fixed tool dropdown opening on hover

0.4.11  2020-08-27

- Added tools collapse button for small screens (phones)
- Removed outdated mobile version  2020-08-26

- Revised Paint Bucket sampling and added "all"

0.4.10  2020-08-24

- Added: Paint Bucket (click on brush icon for dropdown)  2020-08-15

- Fixed for Safari in Catalina: Cmd + Z makes canvas unresponsive  2020-06-24

- Fixed for iPadOS 13: double-tapping UI zooms in and gets stuck

0.4.9  2020-06-24

- Added: Edit > To Alpha (for extracting lineart)
     - replaces "as-alpha" from Merge/Mix Layers  2020-06-23

- Fixed: resizing image with "Smooth", not always looking smooth
- HUD controls slightly larger

0.4.8  2020-06-18

- Pages redone (help, changelog, about, etc.), and separated from the app
- Internal changes to how updates work

0.4.7  2020-06-12

- Added algorithm option in Resize dialog (smooth, pixelated)
- Fixed: transparent edges when resizing image
- Added option to donate (Kleki > Donate)  2020-06-05

- Fixed: Invert leaving artifacts with transparent pixels  2020-06-04

- Fixed: Layer blending dropdown not working after renaming layer  2020-05-30

- Fixed: input issues after increasing window size
- Adjusted transform: easier to move small elements
- Zoom via Z hotkey less sensitive

0.4.6  2020-05-24

- Added brushsize & opacity slider to ctrl+alt HUD
- Preventing contextmenu (transform, curves, crop, etc)  2020-05-21

- Fixed: pressing cancel in New Image dialog creates new image

0.4.5  2020-05-20

- Added: in Transform & Crop/Extend while dragging corner/edge
     hold Shift for transform from center

0.4.4  2020-05-19

- Image now initially centered when import as layer
- Revised bg color selection in New Image dialog
     (can be transparent now)
- Improved canvas transition animation (when canvas rotated)

0.4.3  2020-05-18

- Added real-time blending modes to layers
- Fixed: invert broken when undo  2020-05-15

- Fixed: layer list not updating while dragging layer  2020-05-11

- Doubled max radius for Triangle Blur & Tilt Shift
- Slight UI and internal changes
- Fixed upload to Drive not working

0.4.2  2020-05-11

- Added: Hand Tool tab (including Fit button)
- Fixed color picker turning maroon when it should be red
- Fixed manual color input not opening in IE

0.4.1  2020-05-09

- Added manual color input (hex code, rgb)
- Added 1:1, Fit, Center to Import As Layer dialog
- Icon restyling: color picker, layer tab  2020-05-08

- Fixed: can't paste values into input fields in dialogs
- Fixed: arrow keys collide when input focused in Transform
- Switched out a few mix modes in Merge/Mix Layers
- Fixed: empty width and height possible in New Image dialog
- Adjusted sliders to be even more fine-grained when pulling away
- Fixed: file import possible while in dialog
- Some internal changes  2020-05-07

- Fixed: can create 0x0 image
- Fixed: can't resize image to have width or height less than 10px
- Fixed: 1px high image causing glitched preview in edit dialog
- Fixed: can't transform when layer contents only 1px tall or wide
- Fixed: restoring a 1px wide or tall image, 1px dimension becomes 10px
- Added info in Feedback dialog about what data gets sent  2020-05-07

- Fixed Alt Gr not causing Alt to be pressed
- Fixed not initializing in certain Browser Storage error scenarios
- Internal changes to error handling  2020-05-06

- Drawing allowed while holding Ctrl
- Fix attempt: saving on iPad before iPadOS 13 does nothing
     (can't test it myself)  2020-05-05

- Fixed browser storage not loading in older browsers
- Internal changes to error handling
- Slight rendering optimization  2020-05-04

- Internal changes to error handling when loading from browser storage  2020-05-04

- Revised Stabilizer UI
- Fixed error when opening Curves dialog
- Internal fixes  2020-05-03

- Internal fixes  2020-05-03

- Internal fixes (exception handling)

0.4  2020-05-03

- Updated shortcuts & gestures:
     - Added multi-touch pinch zoom (2 fingers) - also in drawing mode
     - Added 2 finger tap -> Undo, 3 finger tap -> Redo
     - Doubletap to reset view - always possible with finger
     - Added zoom shortcut: hold Z and drag horizontally
     - Zoom now zooms around cursor, instead of middle of workspace
     - Added zoom shortcut: + and -
     - Added rotate canvas shortcut: R + Left, R + Right
     - Added move canvas shortcut: arrow keys
     - Shortcuts now stricter (e.g. only r will rotate, not spacebar + r)
     - Fixed [ ] brushsize shortcut order, and adjusted step size
- Improved zoom performance and rendering
     - Nearest-neighbor (pixelated) interpolation when zoomed in 400%
- Added 4 stabilizer options
- Added drop regions: while drag & drop decide how to import
- Added share button for Android
     (iOS implementation of sharing API has no file/image support)
- Increased preview size for: Transform, Perspective, Import As Layer
- Added fill color options to Crop/Extend dialog
- Adjusted sliders: more fine-grained as mouse moves away vertically
- Slightly improved quality of Blend brush in Chrome
- Added: can undo "New Image", and removed the confirmation dialog
- Increased draggable area in Crop/Extend dialog
- Pen pressure curve automatically adjusts after observing inputs initially
     -> less force needed with Apple Pencil
- Slight help update
     (stabilization, grouping shortcuts, added books, styling, rephrased)
- Eyedropper preview circle now larger -> better visible with touch
- UI adjustment: Color accent for selected option
- Adjusted how view angle is outputted
- Emphasized caveats of Browser Storage
- Lowered Save Reminder frequency
- Adjusted zoom to be half as sensitive

- Fixed Free Transform skewing when rotating with changed proportions
- Fixed checkboxes staying wrongly focused (e.g. lock alpha)
- Fixed cropping via Clipboard dialog leading to slightly blurry image
- Fixed undoing Default brush leading to blocky lines (when cache disabled)
- Fixed brush circle jumping back after finishing a line in Chrome
     (workaround for a Chrome bug)
- Fixed clear layer (delete key) not making base layer transparent
     (when "transparent background" checked)
- Fixed: wrong layer selected in layer tab when redo-ing
- Fixed webgl based filters not working when no 'highp' support
     now using 'mediump' and 'lowp' fallback
- Fixed: max canvas size getting exceeded
- Fixed: Resize and Crop/Extend using wrong maximum canvas size
- Fix attempt: "page zooms on its own" in Safari MacOS (untested fix)
- Fixed Apple Pencil lines look oddly polygonal with stabilization
     (Safari keeps sending same pointermove twice)
- Fixed add & duplicate layer button not updating when reaching max layer  2020-03-09

- Added privacy policy page (found under Help and About)  2019-12-01

- Fixed color picker button not working when using Hand Tool  2019-12-01

- Greatly increased capacity for Browser Storage
     (uses IndexedDB now, instead of LocalStorage)  2019-11-22

- Added: corners in "Crop / Extend" dialog can be dragged
- Adjusted save reminder behavior  2019-11-21

- Re-enabled (in certain cases) scroll zoom without Ctrl or Command
- Added shortcut: double tap/click while using hand tool to center the canvas
- Revised "New Image" dialog:
     - New preset sizes
     - Added ratio
- Fixed layer thumbnails not updating when "Layers" tab open
- Added note in "Import as New Layer" dialog when layer limit reached
- Lowered Google Analytics event frequency to once every 5 minutes  2019-11-17

- Fixed "Transform" and "Import as Layer" leading to blurry/pixelated images
     (when not scaling or rotating)
- Added mix mode "as-alpha" to "Merge/Mix Layers"
     - Interprets top layer as alpha channel to the bottom layer  2019-11-13

- Zooming via scrolling revised:
     - requires Ctrl or Command to be pressed (prevent accidental zooming)
     - less sensitive for touchpad or Magic Mouse
- Improved import as layer: preview quality, arrow keys to move
- Fixed import as layer preview not working in Safari and Edge
- Slight UI adjustments  2019-11-10

- Improved transform preview quality
- Fixed transform preview not working in Safari and Edge  2019-11-09

- Saving directly to disk works in more browsers now
- Fixed: parts of UI being selectable that shouldn't -> UI turning blue
- Fixed: Copy to Clipboard on Mac - right click not showing context menu
- Added: keyboard-shortcuts accept the command key (for Mac users)
- Added: double-click on layer name (in Layers tab) to rename layer
- Added: reminder to save (after 15 minutes of not saving)
- Slight UI adjustments  2019-11-08

- Fixed lock alpha not working for small brush  2019-11-06

- Added "Apply Crop" button to "Copy To Clipboard" dialog
- Currently visible part of canvas stays in view when resizing window
- Brushsize sliders easier to adjust for small sizes (quadratic function)
- Brush cursor more fine grained, fixed visibility when zoomed
- Horizontal flip now selected by default in Edit > Flip  2019-10-20

- Fixed an eraser bug  2019-10-14

- Added square brush alpha
- Made eraser sharper  2019-10-12

- Added Shortcuts: E - Eraser, B - Last Brush
- Revised Copy to Clipboard dialog (larger, crop can be adjusted)
- Removed explicitly defined nearest-neighbor interpolation for canvas
     due to browsers not consistently adhering to it  2019-10-11

- Free Hong Kong
- Fixed drawing not working on iPads with < iOS13  2019-10-08

- Added crop tool in Copy To Clipboard (ctrl + c) dialog
- slight adjustments to:
     Default Brush alphas, Blend Brush, UI, Help  2019-10-06

- Fixed undo causing workspace to center unnecessarily
- Fixed can't properly drag layer in layer tab with touch/stylus
- Fixed navigating via Tab-key being scrambled in dialogs
- Fixed layer preview not updating layer name when redo
- Fixed Sketchy-Brush lines changing slightly after undo  2019-10-05

- Fixed brush cursor not updating position as zooming
- small optimizations
     (alt tags, lang tag, 1 year caching for static content, ...)  2019-10-04

- Fixed drawing & saving not working in old browsers
     (e.g. Chrome 50 on Vista)
- Fixed dialogs not reacting to input properly  2019-10-03

- Revised line drawing (smoother, catches up)
- Improved Sketchy-Brush performance
- Fixed undo causing sketchy-brush lines to get darker
- Fixed importing multiple images at once causing glitch
- Fixed eyedropper HUD glitch
- Improved responsiveness a bit
- Revised UI and Help a bit
- Enabled gzip (faster page loading)
- Disabled caching for main file, so future updates are smoother

0.3.5  2019-10-01

- Switched to https
- Re-Added pen pressure support (now via Pointer events)
- Added rename layer
- Added potentially higher frequency input (via getCoalescedEvents)
- Added: Save now saves directly to device in Edge and Firefox
- Fixed pen input broken in Firefox on Win10
- Revised user interface and updated Help  2019-09-26

- Fixed stylus input scrolls page in Edge  2019-09-26

- Fixed Kleki not running in IE11  2018-12-09

- Quick Fix for touch input  2018-10-16

- Added flood fill on pressing Enter
- Added clear layer on pressing Delete
- Added option export with date in filename
- Added click outside dialog to close/cancel
- Removed "Are you sure" dialog when deleting layer
- Revised when clipboard dialog closes
- Fixed listening to key strokes when in dialog
    (undo, rotate, etc.)  2018-10-14

- Added fine grained zoom (shift + scroll)  2018-09-30

- Added beginner friendlier initial eraser setting
- Added uploaded image can be deleted from imgur
- Added option to clear local storage
- revised some icons
- Fixed filter preview in Chrome
- Fixed Unsharp Mask using wrong strength  2018-09-29

- Prevent browser from zooming when ctrl + scroll
- Slightly rearrange Edit tab
- Favicon updated  2018-09-29

- Fixed undoing after panning
- Slight UI restyling of brush slider, tabs, brush alphas  2018-06-21

- Added: copy to clipboard - ctrl + c
- Added: paste from clipboard - ctrl + v  2016-04-24

- removed some event tracking  2015-08-25

- Fixed undoing/redoing while drawing  2014-09-14

- Fixed default brush not drawing in Chrome and IE  2014-08-21

- Fixed undo bug (screwed up layer opacity) after duplicating a layer  2013-11-06

- Added help button to top right
- Revised help opens in popup box instead of new window
    unless small window size
- Fixed import button being clickable through dialog boxes
- Revised Ink file upload progress dialog  2013-09-05

- Revised dialog and button styles slightly  2013-09-04

- Revised Buttons: added icons  2013-09-02

- Added a few small videos on the help page  2013-08-30

- Fixed some corner cases:
    - restoring currupted image data from local storage
    - importing corrupted image
    - new image/crop/resize with invalid dimension
- Added opacity label to the active layer indicator
- Revised large layer preview (active layer indicator)
    - preview size can be changed by clicking on the thumb
    - updates when undo/redoing via shortcuts
- Revised imgur uploading screen: shows progress
- Fixed imgur upload in IE  2013-08-30

- Added: Imgur upload is back (in addition to Ink aka
- Added a fourth control point in the curves dialog
- Resived: more accurately picked blend color for smooth brush
- Revised: brush-size variation for pressure sensitivy now smoother
- Revised: less unneccesary undo steps caused when managing layers
- Revised: Add Layer - layer now added one above the current selection
- Revised: smoother transition when using layer opacity slider
- Fixed: layer names getting switched up in some Undo scenarios
- Fixed: large layer preview not working sometimes  2013-08-28

- Added a constantly visible area to indicate the currently selected layer
- Improved blending behavior of smooth brush in corner regions
- Improved UI flexibility -> window can be smaller than before
- Revised bottom bar elements  2013-08-27

- Added curves filter
- Testing new logo  2013-08-26

- Added rotate canvas view (hold R key)
- Fixed some glitches when zooming in Firefox
- Revised default brush opacity slider mapping
- UI revision: updated background, canvas shadow  2013-08-25

- Added "lock alpha" mode to default brush (locks the alpha channel)
- Added different mix modes for layers in the merge dialog
- UI revision: all popups now have X buttons  2013-08-24

- Added: large layer previews when hovering over layer thumbnail
- Revised layer manager GUI style
- Other small UI revisions  2013-08-23

- Improved performance for blending brush and eyedropper in Chrome
- Revised HUD color picker and eyedropper style  2013-08-23

- Added looping through Hue wheel when using relative dragging (RMB)
- Fixed initial preview color in HUD color selection
- Fixed Default Brush not working in IE
- Fixed CSS gradients in IE 10+
- Added link to instructions on how to enable WebGL in Firefox
- Internal changes (more use of strict mode, reporting exceptions, ...)  2013-08-22

- Added HUD color selection (CTRL + ALT)
- Added relative dragging for sliders when using Right Mouse Button
    (brush size, color selection, etc.)
- Revised color selection: adaptive size, improved performance
- Updated to latest glfx.js version
- Revised Eraser icon, and other minor UI elements
- Fixed IE glitches (slider color, strobing overlay)  2013-08-21

- Added color preview right by the cursor while picking
- Added new brush alpha for the Default brush
- Fixed offset for picker-cursor
- Changelog now in a popup instead of a new tab  2013-04-19

- Revised Upload: now using  2013-03-26

- Added dialog for image export instead of opening a new tab with the image (for non Chrome users)
    -> exporting finally works in Internet Explorer
- Fixed some GUI glitches in IE  2013-03-21

- Fixed unnecessary scrollbar appearing in dialogues
- Revised help page minimally  2013-03-18

- Fixed crash when exporting data heavy images in Chrome (crash bug was introduced with Chrome 24)  2013-02-08

- Fixed image import button on iOS (iPad)  2013-01-30

- Fixed drawing glitches in Chrome (layer tab, color selection)
- Revised bottom right elements (a bit less intrusive)  2013-01-13

- Fixed Export in Firefox  2012-12-19

- (Internals)Reworked Wacom Plugin usage and Kleki initialization  2012-12-17

- Help page updated with more shortcuts and tips for Wacom users  2012-11-07

- Fixed small encoding problem
- Integrated "Send Feedback" form (not in a new tab)  2012-11-05

- Added Web Intents support (see:  2012-10-09

- Added video tutorial "A drawing with depth of field" to the help page
- UI updates: - Tooltip for Eraser
    - Color selection visibly disabled with eraser
    - Fixed color selection jumping around in Chrome for no reason
    - Revised undo/redo button behaviour and icons  2012-08-11

- Revised output of brush size sliders (more accurate)
- Optimized Sketchy and Smooth brush - for multiple layers, and for the case that blending is set to 0
    -> only samples current layer
- Added arrow keys input for x and y in "Transform"
- Added custom title and caption to "Upload"
- "New Image" resets the zoom to 100%
- Fixed "Rotate" breaking Undo

0.3.4  2012-07-31

- Now doing all the canvas drawing on RequestAnimationFrame -> higher frequency of inputs for Chrome

0.3.3  2012-07-30

- Added support for importing PSD files (flattens image on one layer) - using the psd.js lib
- Added: scrollwheel input for sliders
- Revised line quality for smpl brush - lines should look less pixelated / fragmented especially with small brush size
- Revised eraser and smooth brush - bezier curve interpolation, no spacing slider needed anymore, opacity influences sharpness
- Revised textured alpha for smpl brush - nicer looking for small brush size (mip mapping, switching to different draw mode), texture more visible with opacity 100%
- Revised toolspace GUI design a bit (reskinned, added links at the bottom: help, send feedback, changelog)
- Revised color selection circle - now always properly visible
- Fixed brushsize slider for smpl brush having the wrong value at the beginning
- Fixed Smpl brush sometimes not drawing a line
- Fixed free transform preview glitch in "import as layer"

0.3.2  2012-07-27

- Improved line quality for Smpl Brush (Bezier interpolation)
- Improved color blending for smooth brush when drawing fast lines
- Improved startup by removing iframes for twitter, facebook and google+ (now they get only created when you view them on the about page)
- Revised dialogues (react to Escape key press, new tab stops, ...)  2012-07-04

- Small changes for upload (added dialog and stopped mentioning Kleki in the description and title of the upload)  2012-05-23

- Added a new brush alpha to the standard brush (chalk/sponge esque)
- Removed the spacing slider for the standard brush -> spacing adjusts itself internally from now on  2012-05-19

- Set max undo steps to 14 (reduced by 1 to improve performance slightly)
- Revised design a bit (sliders and bars)  2012-05-18

- Improved Undo performance for Smooth Brush and Sketchy Brush (up to 10x faster)
- Fixed Undo not working properly when importing an image (as new image)  2012-04-19

- Removed Intro Screen on startup -> now just shows when you click on the Kleki logo in the top right  2012-04-04

- Re-enabled WebGL filters for Chrome users  2012-03-22

- Fixed line tool for eraser, sketchy brush, and smooth brush (undo inconsistency)  2012-03-21

- Brush size shortcuts "[" "]" automatically adjusts its step size relative to zoom
    -> more fine tuned when zoomed in
- Optimized color selection a tiny bit
- Temporarily disabled the line tool for eraser and sketchy because it breaks undo
    -> fixed tomorrow

0.3.1  2012-03-20

- Added Shortcut for changing the brush size
    -> "["  "]"
- Added color selection in dialog "New Image"

0.3  2012-03-15

- Added Undo/Redo (buttons in the top right, or via ctrl+z ctrl+y)
- Added shortcut for export -> ctrl + s  2012-03-13

- Added pressure mapping for brush opacity
- Added pressure mapping checkboxes
- Revised help a tiny bit  2012-03-13

- Changed UI a little to be better prepared for new features
    (brush and tool tabs)
- Added a bit of inspiration on the help page  2012-03-11

- Reduced the brush size minimum -> thinner lines possible
- Added a tutorial on the help page. "A Colored Drawing using Layers"
- Temporarily disabled WebGL filters in Chrome -> caused crashes.
    Needs to be fixed.
- Internal changes for some UI elements  2012-03-07

- Android Tablet support (previously redirected to small mobile version)  2012-03-02

- Updated to latest Wacom Plugin (2.x)
- Removed fade effect for brush size preview -> caused lag  2012-01-29

- Improved Crop/Extend (Transform tool, rule of thirds, improved input behavior)
- Fixed/Revised input behavior of "Resize"
- Added foreground and background layers to the preview in "Brightness Contrast", "Hue/Saturation",
    "Perspective", "Invert", "Tilt Shift" and "Unsharp Mask"  2012-01-27

- Fixed "Resize" merging layers  2012-01-26

- Removed an unnecessary dialog for "New Image"  2012-01-25

- Improved upscaling quality for "Resize" as well
- Drastically improved image quality for scaling in "Import" and "Transform"
- Added warning dialog when creating a new image
- Probably made is less likely for Chrome to crash Kleki after long usage
- Fixed "Upload"

0.2.5  2012-01-24

- Drastically improved downsampling quality for "Resize"
- Fixed Kleki crashing(in Chrome) when importing very big images
    -> using blob URL instead of data URL (faster and needs less memory)
- Removed the limit on "Export"  2012-01-23

- Added straight lines when pressing the shift key
- Mobile: Replaced hand tool image  2012-01-22

- Improved smooth brush alpha (radial gradient instead of some hack)
- Smooth brush blending improved (blends with all visible layers, and handles transparency correctly)
- Eraser is now smooth
- Added "Import" button - alternative to drag and drop
- Added Input fields for position and rotation in "Transform"
- Canvas Interpolation is now "nearest" in Firefox (useful when zoomed in)
- Replaced handcoded animations with css transitions for Brushsize preview fade in/out
    and layer dragging animations
- Fixed Free Transform not being perfectly accurate (not 100% sure yet)
- Small UI behavior revisions  2012-01-21

- Added Free Transform tool in "Import to New Layer"
- Added flip whole canvas as an option to "Flip"
- Added option to disable snapping in "Transform"
- Revised flip visualization
- Option style revised (in Flip and Perspective)
- "Transform" preview slightly larger  2012-01-20

- "Transform" is now a proper Free Transform tool
    -> Change proportions
    -> Rotate
    -> Automatically selects the active area
    -> Snapping
    -> Additional snapping for rotate and moving by pressing Shift
- Fixed "Rotate" not working for negative angles
- Removed "Move" tool because it's redundant  2012-01-13

- Fixed preview in resize dialog breaking out of the div  2012-01-12

- Shortcuts work in Firefox and IE9
- Revised input behavior for Hand Tool
- Hand Tool icon and cursor slightly revised  2012-01-11

- Hand tool icon redone (doesn't look like a move tool now)
- Cursor images redone
- Cursor behavior revised
- Input behavior for brush tool revised  2012-01-10

- Mobile: added retina support
- Added custom css cursors for Hand tool and Color Picker  2012-01-09

- Fixed/revised some formatting in Edit dialogs
- Mobile: hand tool
- Mobile: zoom
- Mobile: "New Image" dialog  2012-01-08

- Mobile version for iphone/ipod ..redirects automatically
- Animations for Flip and Rotate
- Some tiny revisions for Resize  2012-01-07

- Fixed slowdown for very small resolutions in "New Image"
- Illustration in help adapts to browser
- Disabled export button for IE
- Revised some formatting  2012-01-06

- Internet explorer 9 support (not complete)
- Scaled checkerboard background in Resize, New Image and Crop/Extend to illustrate scale
- Optimized zoom animation (smoother, less code, opera support)
- Tiny stuff (updated some webkit specific css,
        brush cursor doesn't flash at the beginning,
        intro page for unsupported browsers revised,
        help minimally revised)  2012-01-05

- Help page revised (with images)
- Added checkerboard background in Edit dialogs
- Proper css gradients in Firefox and Opera
- Animated zoom and fade in/out effects in Firefox
- Tiny improvements (ui behavior, formatting, loading time)  2012-01-04

- Added brushsize preview
- Added constrain proportions for "Resize"
- Added dialog for removing a layer
- Tiny improvements(revised hover effect for color selection,
                    gallery with animations,
                    some ui behavior made nicer,
                    formatting for some browsers fixed)
- Updated/extended the help page a bit  2012-01-02

- Revised icons for Paint and Color Picker
- Tiny updates (ok and cancel buttons moved to the right, hover effect for Color Picker, bla)  2011-12-31

- Added point set "Before" for "Transform"
- Tiny improvements (formatting, checkboxes, help, layer opacity slider, closing intro screen)
- Fixed bug: being able to open multiple popups in "Edit" and "File"  2011-12-31

- Added picker button by the color sliders -> for iPad users
- Fixed Kleki thinking Alt or Space is still pressed when it isn't
    -> one scenario was being stuck in color picking mode after alt tabbing out of Kleki  2011-12-29

- Added PNG export -> just check "Export with Transparency" under "File"
- Rotating view on iOS now working properly
- Zoom disabled on iOS  2011-12-04

- Added colorpick via alt+lmb
- Added hand tool via space+lmb
- Another startscreen redesign

0.2.4  2011-12-01

- Added imgur upload
- Smpl brush has now smoother looking and potentially thinner lines  2011-11-29

- Fixed smpl size slider startvalue  2011-11-24

- Fixed inconsistent opacity slider for layers when certain filters are applied  2011-11-13

- Fixed brush not drawing on top layer after loading from local storage
- Fixed default setting of smooth brush blending
- Fixed opacity slider not working perfectly when spamming mousebuttons

0.2.3  2011-11-22

- Improved Layers: drag&drop + thumbs
- Fixed picked color not being synced between different brushes  2011-11-19

- New default settings for smpl and smooth
- Safety check for exporting added again  2011-11-18

- Remapped sliders for smpl, smooth, eraser and unsharp mask
- Social buttons rearranged
- "Export Image" now downloads the image

0.2.2  2011-11-17

- Startscreen layout changed
- Event tracking to see what people are actually using
- Replaced some pngs with jpgs (wow!)

0.2.1  2011-10-25

- Quick fix for tool icons not showing up.

0.2  2011-10-24

- Filters are now using WebGL thanks to glfx.js
- Added preview and new dialogs for all filters/edit-actions
- Added new filters: Hue/Saturation, Triangle Blur, Tilt Shift, Unsharp Mask
- More GUI revisions (hover animations, fade-in animations, new dialogs, ...)
- New "New Image" dialog with template resolutions, preview and number input fields
- Nicer looking notifications for zoom
- Added sharing buttons
- Added zoom animation (only for webkit right now)
- Limited max image dimensions to 2048x2048 to make it less likely for Kleki to be killed by Chrome
- Fixed a color selection bug (gray colors were displayed as yellow)
- Fixed unwanted bar at the top which showed up for some without the wacom plug-in
- Fixed brush cursor hidden behind canvas after creating a new image
- Fixed brush cursor showing up when it shouldn't
- Fixed brush cursor not moving smoothly when zoomed in
- Fixed brush cursor looking weird sometimes
- Fixed brush cursor being at an odd position while zooming
- Fixed glitchy blending when drawing on an edge.
- Fixed zoom for Opera  2011-10-07

- GUI revised  2011-08-01

- Prevents Kleki from crashing when saving an image that is too large (at least it should)  2011-07-27

- Link to new help page added

0.1.5  2011-01-12

- Added extend/crop
- Added output(current zoom level) for scroll zoom
- Added confirm prompt when the user attempts to close Kleki
- Removed some unnecessary and misguiding output

0.1.4  2011-01-09

- Added drag and drop images
- Revised brush cursor

0.1.3  2011-01-03

- Added brush cursor(using raphael svg lib
- Added contrast, mirror, invert filters
- Added touch support (Ipad,...)
- Fixed logo hover bug
- Redesigned infobox slightly

0.1.2  2010-12-24

- Added tablet support (pressure sensitive smpl, smooth and eraser brush)
    - not yet supported for Opera because it doesn't hide the embed properly

0.1.1  2010-10-21

- Adjusted infobox for smaller screen resolutions (1024*768)