Importing Images

Import images from your Desktop by dragging them onto the canvas. You can then use them as a new layer or start a new image with them. Alternatively use File > Import.

Supported Filetypes:

Saving Your Image

Click on File then Save. This saves the drawing on your computer.

Browser Storage

Browser Storage is different from saving your image somewhere on your computer. Instead It will store the current painting with all layers in your browser. So when you open Kleki sometime later you can immediately continue working on your painting.

Due to technical limitations you'll have to manually click on File > Browser Storage > Store each time you want to store the current state.

Pressure Sensitivity

If you use a stylus (Wacom tablet, Apple Pencil, ...) and your browser supports it, then Kleki offers pressure sensitivity. You can toggle it next to the brush sliders. That way your pen pressure can affect the brush size and opacity.

Input Devices

It's recommended to use a pen/stylus for drawing, due to its ease of use, speed, and pressure sensitivity. Touch is the second best input, which lacks pressure and can be kinda bulky on small screens. Another option which is worse is the mouse, which is still better than using a trackpad. It's best to avoid using a trackpad because of how tedious and awkward they are for drawing.

Some Quick Videos

Tutorial: A Colored Drawing - using Layers

A first little tutorial explaining a basic use of layers. Simply click the image to the right.

Video-Tutorial: A drawing with depth of field.

A simple example for how to make a drawing more interesting with depth of field (tilt-shift).


Here is a bit of inspiration what you can draw with one of the brushes in Kleki.

Learning How to Draw/Paint

It's all about practice, persistence, observation, experimentation, understanding some key concepts (perspective, color theory, etc.), self evaluation, and enjoying the process. Drawing skills are mostly independent of what tools you use. Here are some great resources on this huge subject:
Arne's Art Tutorial
Books by Loomis
TL;DR: Keep drawing, you will gradually improve. Learning from masters will help.
Email if you need help or want to report an issue: