Importing Images

Import images from your Desktop by dragging them onto the canvas. You can then use them as a new layer or start a new image with them. Alternatively use File > Import.

Supported Filetypes:
JPEG, PNG, PSD (as a single layer), (SVG, WEBP, BMP, GIF)

Saving Your Image

Click on File then Save. This saves the drawing on your device (usually under Downloads).

Permanently store your work this way.

Browser Storage

This stores the current state of your image locally inside your browser. It also keeps all of the layers intact. When you reopen Kleki at a later time, it will automatically load the image.

- The browser may delete your image unprompted, depending on disk space and settings
- Kleki does not autosave, so you need to manually click Store
- Stores 1 image at a time. Pressing Store again, will overwrite the last image.

Use Save for permanent storage.

Pressure Sensitivity

If you use a stylus (Wacom tablet, Apple Pencil, ...) and your browser supports it, then Kleki offers pressure sensitivity. You can toggle it next to the brush sliders. That way your pen pressure can affect brush size and opacity.

Input Devices

It is recommended to use a pen/stylus for drawing because it is by far the most fun, fast, and expressive tool for drawing. Touchpads/trackpads aren't suited too well for this task.

Use zoom and the stabilizer to increase the precision of your linework with any input device.


Stabilization makes it easier to control your lines by lagging behind and averaging your drawing motion. This is mostly used to create clean final lineart. It can also help making drawing easier in general when you only have a mouse.

The responsiveness of no stabilization is desirable for fast sketching, or for large brush sizes, where jitter is less visible.

Some Quick Videos

Tutorial: A Colored Drawing - using Layers

A first little tutorial explaining a basic use of layers. Simply click the image to the right.

Video-Tutorial: A drawing with depth of field.

A simple example for how to make a drawing more interesting with depth of field (tilt-shift).


Here is a bit of inspiration what you can draw with one of the brushes in Kleki.

Learning How to Draw / Paint

Free resources: Excellent art books:
Email if you need help or want to report an issue: