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Author: bitbof

Started in 2010, Kleki aims to be the goto tool for quickly creating fun paintings. It is universally accessible through the browser without any installation and allows anyone to start sketching in less than one second. Kleki is open-source, community funded and is currently developed & maintained by the programmer/artist bitbof. This site considers the act of making art a protected activity which should not be intruded by ads. Kleki is inspired by early web applets for drawing like Oekaki Shi-Painter and Lascaux Sketch.

Additional Credits: glfx.js for filters, Harmony inspired the Sketchy-Brush, FileSaver.js for saving files, ag-psd for PSD import/export.


Kleki is missing a translation, or you have discovered a translation mistake? Kleki is open to supporting more languages, and welcomes contributions (especially by native speakers)!

To create/update a translation, download one of the language sheets, then e-mail the result to the address at the top of this page. Alternatively, create a pull request on GitHub.

You can also contribute translations for the subtitles of the official Introduction Tutorial. Here is the english .vtt file.


Kleki's source code is officially available as Klecks on GitHub. Sometimes you can access new features early in it.

Roadmap / Next Up (updated 2022-10-14)

Visit the Blog for development updates. Upcoming:

To Explore Beyond That

- Auto save, prevent data loss
- Create tickets for bugs related to Chrome/Firefox/Safari
- Better transform (not in a dialog)
- Better text tool (not in a dialog, usable on tablets, more fonts & typography controls)
- WebGL based rendering & brush engine (maybe via Lascaux Sketch)
- Better brush engine (textures, blur, scatter, real opacity)
- Crazy morph brushes
- Selective color adjustment
- Support for OpenRaster (open alternative to PSD)
- More flexible UI
- Symmetry tool
- Clipping layers & layer masks
- Optimize through WebAssembly
- Utilize Native File System API
- More translations: Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian, etc.
- Line constraint tools
- Enable scripting (e.g. via Tampermonkey / Greasemonkey)
- Customizable UI
- Dark theme
- Optimize for VR
- Optimize for brain interfaces
- Optimize for collaboration
- Color palettes
- Pressure curve settings
- Pan and zoom in previews
- Expand team
- Mirror filter
- Generators: Pattern
- Pixel Brush scaling (scaled up pixels while drawing)
- Something missing? Contact me with ideas.

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Drawing community

2draw is a site where people can share and discuss their artworks made with the site's own drawing tools. Kleki is one of the available tools there. 2draw.net